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Welcome to $20,000 A Month where we teach you how to create a sustainable online business from your home. All the training and experience you need to succeed is right here. We have the most amazing opportunity ever available in the history of mankind with the Internet. It is the biggest Gold Rush EVER! Millions of people are making a change in their life because of what they can now do from the the advantage of having a laptop in their own living room. The problems are that most people don’t understand the principles of making it work; they have the wrong mindset; they can’t make the changes needed; they are used to doing things for years in a certain way; they are really just thinking like an employee and not a Business Owner; they give up too soon and fail to learn from the process.

If you are ready to make a change, you want to build a better future for you and your family, you are determined to do what it takes because the alternative is unthinkable, then welcome to our website. We are here to help you! By putting in your name and email, you will receive a series of videos about the ways to think and ways to make the changes needed to change your future. This is an EDUCATIONAL program where we are determined to make things better for you.